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VanDehey Chiropractic Health Center : Reviews of New Patients

Find out what new patients are saying about us…

Very Pleased

Very pleased! Went for the first visit barely able to walk and walked almost as normal, every visit gets even better! So glad I came to see them!
~ Michael Cox. (February 06/17)

Very Friendly

Everyone was friendly and to the point. I felt better after the first visit.
~ James N. (December 21/16)


We appreciate you and your staff’s friendly appropriate and attention to us.
~ Ken D. (July 13/15)

100% Confident

100% confident with doctor and staff. Together we can do this!
~ Bill R. (March 5/15)

Love The Staff

I absolutely love the staff I have come in contact with. The chiropractor listened to me more than most doctors I’ve seen and honestly cared more. He is fully confident I can become better physically, emotionally, and mentally following his treatment plan. Other doctors have put me on pain medication, antidepressants, anti anxiety, and those are just the addictive ones! I have been on so many medications from doctors who just guess and throw darts in the dark, so to speak, and prescribe medications they think might help. It’s ridiculous! I am so grateful I found this practice. I’ve never walked into a doctors office where everyone was friendly and helpful! I am very happy and excited to dig into this new world!
~Brennan S. (February 14/15)


I very much appreciate Dr. VanDehey and his patience to hear my concerns and provide helpful feedback. My experiences have been good, and are already improving my condition.
~Jessica H. (November 11/14)

Super Friendly

The whole staff is super friendly and very helpful. I was in a lot of pain during my first visit and they did everything they could to ensure I was very comfortable and took care of me while I was there.
~Amanda W. (November 9/14)

Very Professional

Doctor and Staff are very professional, helpful and overall concerned with the patients well-being.
~Mary S. (October 19/14)


First time seeing a chiropractor and they were very informative and got me in right way.
~Deanna S. (September 11/14)

Happier, Healthier, More Energetic Man!

I went in for lower back pain, and left with a different mindset. I only wish I would have chosen this lifestyle sooner. I want to thank you for helping me be a happier, healthier, more energetic man!
~Jamin S. (June 26/14)

Positive Experience

I feel better already. I went for a walk as was suggested. Believe that my back will get better with the plan that is prescribed. A very positive experience.
~ Bonnie B (Nov 7/13)

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